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About the program

BINEdit is an editor for the objects used in the Microsoft and Terminal Reality (TRI) games Monster Truck Madness (1+2), Hellbender, CART, FLY! and probably some more. This program was developed with MTM in mind, but should work with the other programs, too.

The documentation coming with BINEdit is kind of meager (nevertheless, read the readme file for some important installation infos).
For very good tutorials visit Phineus' BINEdit Manual and David "Drive2Survive" Carr's The BINedit Resource. If you know of any other sites with good BINEdit infos, please send me the URLs.

Please know that I do no longer work on the program due to lack of time and lack of interest in MTM. I've decided to make the source code and project files (Visual C++ 5.0) available for download.

v0.9 Release 20 (July 7, 1998)

Here is the latest and last release of my BIN file editor. It is a beta release, use it at your own risk! Some of the new features:

  • Hopefully better support for Hellbender BIN saving
  • separate EXEs for SGI and MS OpenGL

About the OpenGL libraries

BINedit uses the OpenGL 3d-graphics library. These library DLLs are available in two different implementations. The SGI (Silicon Graphics Inc.) implementation is the faster, bigger, and less compatible version of the two. The Microsoft implementation is considerably smaller, slightly slower, and seems to work on all PCs. I suggest you try the faster SGI version first. If it doesn't work on your machine, come back for the Microsoft OpenGL DLLs.

Binary downloads

Source download



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